The Craft + Design Institute (CDI) and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa (#cocreateSANL), will host a series of monthly events to share knowledge and to create a space for debating ideas on South Africa’s biggest COVID-19 related challenges – we invite you to join us for the Creative Exchange.

The series builds on the #cocreateDESIGN FESTIVAL, which the CDI and Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town have hosted since 2018. The Creative Exchange continues the Festival theme of 2020, which centred on the 4th Industrial Revolution, the use of design thinking, and digitally-enabled solutions.

“The COVID pandemic has laid bare so many of our challenges as a country. If we can start with understanding and processing, we can find new ways of designing solutions together that will lead to better access and real change.” Erica Elk, CEO of CDI

How might we design solutions for increased inclusivity and access?

Underlying the 2021 Creative Exchange series, which leads into the next #COCREATE DESIGN FESTIVAL in September 2021, is four key topic pillars. Particular focus will be on inclusive digital innovation and creative solutions to address what COVID-19 has left even more vulnerable:

  1. Access to safe water and sanitation
  2. Access to healthcare
  3. Access to a resilient economy
  4. Access to food and food security

“We aim to explore these pressing challenges experienced by South Africans, but also, and importantly, showcase the application of innovation and design-led approaches to serve as inspiration. This we hope will spark many more new ideas. Connecting it all is design; we want to stimulate the design of better systems, products and services.”
Sebastiaan Messerschmidt, Consul General at the Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town




An initiative of the Netherlands Consulate General in partnership with the Craft and Design Institute