july, 2014


The Bow Exchange Project exhibition

Event Details

The Bow Exchange Project is an engagement of folklore inclined Nguni and KhoiSan musicians/artist/performers, who play the traditional bows – uHadi, uGubhu and umrhube and others – and draws on the astounding range of vocal sounds used in traditional music which are then aligned in confrontational situation with western equivalent instruments – violin, cello, guitar, double bass.

The idea is that bow instruments from different cultures use the platform as an exchange and cultural exploration. Each instrument plays a simple line, but each line is carefully placed in relation to the other, and the effect of the repetitive rhythmic and melodic figures is hypnotic. And the make-up of the band, young and old musicians and all from diverse cultural groups showing a bridging of knowledge and generational gaps that move past the cultural stereotypes that are part of our Apartheid heritage. The project is the initiative of Azanian Oasis Group.

Participation: This event is open to the public.

Parking: Information may be found here.


(Friday) 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Department of Design

8 Vrede Street, Gardens 8001 Cape Town, South Africa


Azanian Oasis Group