The History of #cocreateSANL

#cocreateSANL is a platform for South African and Dutch counterparts to exchange innovations for a sustainable future. It is an initiative by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa and was born during the three-week long event, Department of Design, the Dutch contribution to WDC2014. It was here - during the many workshops, lectures, events, presentations and functions - that the #cocreateSANL conversation began.

Luckily, the conversation did not end with the closing of the doors of Department of Design. In fact, #cocreateSANL became even more active: online, on social media, but also offline; in real life and with numerous collaborations between the Netherlands and South Africa that have sprouted since.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa is still committed to bring together the South Africans and the Dutch. We do so by keeping the #cocreateSA platform alive, stimulating the conversation and offering a platform for innovations and facilitating collaborations.

By continuing to invest in this platform, we aim to inspire everyone to work together, make a difference and #cocreateSANL