Local changemaker invited to present her research at the International Conference On Management of Technology in Birmingham

Nosizwe Mxobo, born and bred in the informal settlement Umkhonto, in Nyanga, East at Cape Town dreamed about being a change maker for her community since  childhood. At the age of 15 she started working to be able to pay for her transport to her highschool in Khayelitsha. After being the only female to pass her matric exam with exemption in high school, she started her Bachelor of Technology in financial information systems at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where she finished her studies in a record time of three years. After an internship at Parliament specialized in oracle application development she became unemployed for 2 years. After doing missionary work for her church community she eventually found a job as a sales consultant at Nedbank in the rural town of Engcobo. After these challenging years of adapting to a new environment, her hard work payed off.  “Through hard work, dedication and always challenging myself to do best of my abilities, I got promoted to a managerial position as being responsible for the running of Lady Frere Town Nedbank branch.” In 2015 Nosizwe was awarded as the best employee at the National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) in Johannesburg where she was a dedicated trainee. She joined the University of Johannesburg’s Human Resources team as a Data Analyst where she enhanced Oracle ERP systems to automate HR processes.  As recognition for the hard work she received another award, this time for HR innovation.

During studies in post grad diploma in Information Systems she wrote a paper on ‘Assessing the effectiveness of IT governance when Adopting Cloud Computing’ and after 8 months of reviewing and editing she was invited to present her paper at the International Conference On Management of Technology in Birmingham this April! It would be her first international trip and at the same time a great opportunity for her carrier as well for her personal development. Since childhood, Noiszwe found public speaking challenging because of her stuttering. Participating and speaking at an international conference will help her to overcome these challenges and gain more self-confidence.

Noiszwe stresses that IT governance is crucial to provide guidance on how IT should be directed and controlled with the aim of ensuring that investment in IT generate business value and risks associated with IT implementation are mitigated. She aspires to contribute towards the body of knowledge in IT around the concept of IT governance and IT innovations to ensure businesses gain returns on IT investments. Noiszwe is confident that attending the international conference will open many doors, not only for herself, but will be a major contribution towards the economic development and growth in South Africa through research studies. “If there is one thing that we overlook in the continent, is the concept of IT governance on various aspects including data governance, data security and the success of IT projects. We live in a world where IT innovation is growing, and hacking is one of the biggest problems.” Business and government talk about IT innovation and creating an integrated infrastructure as cloud computing and internet of things, but unfortunately lack solutions about governance challenges according to Noiszwe. She concludes “the conference will be a kickstart of my learning journey in terms of the international community and at the same time will help bring knowledge to my own community and spread it through educating others.“

If you would like to sponsor or contribute Nosizwe's attendance to the conference, please contact her at mxobo27@gmail.com or call 082 887 0754.

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