Building the City Resilience Index for Cape Town: Transport, Urban Planning and Housing

DATE             23 February 2018

VENUE         GreenCape, Roeland Street

RSVP            By invitation only 

Cape Town is one of the newest members of 100 Resilient Cities, pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. A Resilience Office has recently been established within the City of Cape Town and is tasked with leading the resilience strategy-building process. Currently, the office is conducting the preliminary resilience assessment for Cape Town.

One of the projects during this preliminary stage is to build the City Resilience Index for Cape Town. This is a baseline of the city’s resilience. There are a total of 156 qualitative and 156 quantitative data points that make up this Index. This focus group will only focus on those qualitative questions relevant to the fields of urban planning, transport and housing. To find out more about the City Resilience Index, visit this link. 

At the focus group, participants will map the shocks and stresses relevant to Cape Town. Thereafter the participants will provide their personal responses to a selection of the qualitative questions, thus contributing their expertise to a significant part of the City Resilience Index. There will be a world café–style open discussion on three questions on how to improve resilience. Finally participants will be asked to fill out opportunity cards which will be considered for inclusion in the final preliminary resilience assessment.


Participatory Design Workshop and Field Study on Informal Settlement Upgrades: Case Study Kosovo, Philippi

DATE                                                 24 February 2018 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND                The public, community members, students and practitioners interested in the exploration. 

TIME                                                 10.00 – 17.00 including a Township Tour

TYPE                                                 Participatory design workshop & Field study

How to RSVP                       

The workshop will explore possibilities for Informal Settlement Upgrading, with reference to other local & international examples. Community representatives from Kosovo Informal Settlement will be participating in a visioning exercise to provide inputs on the type of ‘living environment’ they would like to see. The workshop will be facilitated by DesignSpaceAfrica.  The workshop will include visits to recently built informal settlement upgrading projects in Langa Township and Khayelitsha/Empowershack.