#cocreatePOETICA is an unique collaboration between #cocreateSANL, an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Open Book Festival. The purpose of the collaboration is to provide a platform for poetry, spoken word and rap to explore the shared culture and history between the Netherlands and South Africa and its implications for the present and future in a way that voices the young generation. Within this platform there is an interaction and exchange of ideas and between Dutch and South African poets resulting in new mutual understandings. These understandings are translated into poetry reaching both South African and Dutch publics.


Dutch artists that joined

Radna Fabias

Simone Atangana Bekono


Dutch artists that joined us:

Babs Gons

Ivan Words


Dutch artists that joined us:


Sjaan Flikweert

Dean Bowen


Dutch artists that joined us:


Adeiye Tjon