july, 2014


An interactive Paint By Numbers with Lady Skollie + banana installation

Event Details

My life has been spent trying to find a context in which to explore art, sex, sexuality and gender restrictions.  In a country where sexual education is really a matter of life and death, we still perceive sex as a taboo subject.

Through the persona of Lady Skollie, I want to consolidate the perceptions of youth, sex and art.  I paint slightly offensive watercolours of genitals and fruits, have sex parties in the name of ‘sexual awareness’ and host a weekly sex talk show on Assembly Radio called Kiss and Tell with Lady Skollie.

Twitter : @LadySkollie

Website: www.ladyskollie.tumblr.com

Radio Show podcasts: www.mixcloud.com/ladyskollie


(Thursday) 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Department of Design

8 Vrede Street, Gardens 8100 Cape Town, South Africa