july, 2014


HANDS OF HONOUR Showcase Social Impact

Event Details

Hands of Honour would like to explain how up-cycling obsolete stock collected from corporate partners has improved our standard of living and enhanced our urban environment. We have also collaborated with four established artists to have their works featured on garden benches made from wood destined for landfill, which we will also exhibit.

Hands of Honour brings together three best-practices: While ‘up-cycling’ or reusing waste materials has been done informally by waste pickers scouring the dumps, the organisation works directly with the waste generators to formalise this process, representing something new in South Africa. Corporations are the main ‘donors’ of waste to the organisation, donating rather than disposing of their waste.  Hands of Honour’s Job Training Programme provides skills and confidence to those members of society who have ‘checked out’. This both increases employment and rehabilitates the workers.

This process funds urban renewal initiatives, focusing on those areas that are identified by the community as being flash points for crime. Taken together, these elements result in a programme that can sustain itself and contribute to a greener city, job creation and reclaiming derelict urban spaces.

Hands of Honour and their Regeneration of City and Soul (#WDC368) project is a WDC recognised project.

Participation: Please email handsofhonour@gmail.com

Parking: Information may be found here.



(Thursday) 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Department of Design

8 Vrede Street, Gardens 8001 Cape Town, South Africa


Hands of Honour