october, 2016

6oct - 10

Mobility Indaba

Event Details

Cape Town, Johannesburg and other big cities in South Africa are struggling with growing congestion
issues. Besides the congestion problems, a large part of the population don’t have access to jobs,
economic opportunities and basic public facilities because of the lack of transportation or the means to
pay for the current means of transport. According to recent studies 47% of households in Cape Town
have a monthly income at or below the National Poverty Line and thus find it extremely difficult to
afford any form of transport other than walking. Accessible transport is therefore key to access to jobs
and opportunities.
From 6 to 10 October this year, the Mobility Indaba will take place in Cape Town. The event focuses
on raising awareness, on mobilizing people, on creating opportunities and on connecting decision
makers, urban designers, mobility experts and the people of Cape Town. Together they can co-create
solutions for infrastructure and logistics in order to connect South African citizens to economic
opportunities and to each other.


6 (Thursday) - 10 (Monday)


Kenilworth Racecourse

Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area, Cape Town


The Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa in collaboration with it's partners

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