july, 2014


Innovative waste water treatment technologies

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Innovative waste water treatment technologies focused on energy production and nutrient recovery.

In this presentation Aquest Colsen will present the latest developments in municipal waste water treatment, focused around energy production through efficient conversion of organic matter to biogas.

Can waste water treatment works be energy neutral or a net energy producer? Aquest will provide our attendees with the latest developments in this field, both from a theoretical background and from experiences with pilot research and full-scale installations from the Netherlands. In addition, the workshop will focus on the latest developments in the treatment of sludge which is released in waste water treatment installations, such as new trends and possibilities in anaerobic digestion of sludge. Aquest will demonstrate the advantages of treating waste water sludge at thermophilic conditions, resulting in higher energy production and less residual sludge.

Aquest will also demonstrate the technologies which have been developed in the Netherlands around recovery of fertilisers from urine. Instead of being only a waste product, urine can be seen as a source of nutrients which have residual value. In the presentation, Aquest will provide the theoretical background and show pilot and full-scale results of these technologies.

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(Friday) 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Department of Design

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