july, 2014


DoD lecture: NL Architects Remix of Reality

Event Details

NL Architects aspire to catalyse urban life. The Amsterdam-based office is on a constant hunt to find alternatives for the way we live and work. How can we intensify human interaction? We understand architecture as the speculative process of investigating, revealing and reconfiguring the wonderful complexities of the world we live in.

Can we compress banality into beauty; squeeze the sublime out of the obvious? How can we transform, twist, bend, stack, stretch, enhance or reassemble the components that constitute our environment into new and better configurations?

Often, projects focus on ordinary aspects of everyday life, including the unappreciated or negative, that are enhanced or twisted in order to bring to the fore the unexpected potential of the things that surround us. By sampling existing fragments of reality and recombining them, gluing bits and pieces together into new coherent arrangements, our architecture can be understood as The Remix of Reality: the architect as DJ.

Participation: For more information please email walter@nlarchitects.nl

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(Friday) 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Department of Design

8 Vrede Street, Gardens 8001 Cape Town, South Africa


Department of Design