Culture Canvas captures the 21st century version of company culture and the workplace in free ebook

CAPE TOWN – #cocreateSA is excited to introduce Culture Canvas, a free ebook that rethinks the concept of company culture by steering away from traditional perspectives. The book introduces a simple method that increases productivity amid the disruption of new technological tools for the workplace. The ebook is the result of addressing the challenge of the impact of the Future of Workspaces as identified by &Innovation at #cocreate2Accelerate. The company subsequently worked with Dutch entrepreneur Kevin Weijers to produce Culture Canvas.

COCREATE2ACCELERATE log with cocrateholland“Nobody teaches you how to build a great team, so we revert to old models. Our entire concept of “culture” is based on physical location (free coffee, free drinks, cool office decor) and proximity (team meetings) but in a world of distributed teams, we don’t have new tools to deal with the reality that teams will, increasingly, be virtual, and not your employees” says Nevo Hadas from &Innovation.

2“A tool like Culture Canvas is needed to protect a company’s culture amidst rapid changes in the way we work. Due to technological possibilities but also issues like congestion, more companies are exploring the concept of working from home or using co-working spaces. We also see an increasing shift in hiring practices from permanent staff to temporary employees which affects the culture among employees. Culture Canvas tangibly captures the essence of team spirit in an easy-to-implement manual.” says Netherlands Consul General Bonnie Horbach. “I am actually so excited by the easiness of the concept; our team at the Consulate will be using it too!”

Technology through Slack, Trello and Asana has introduced new tools to bolster teamwork by providing more flexible channels to communicate tasks between employees. The effectiveness of these tools however, depends on the ability to incorporate them into the company culture to avoid reverting to unproductive habits such as countless emails and lengthy meetings.

The ebook consists of three parts to 1) assisting companies to use a one page canvas to identify and incorporate norms that will dictate the way the team functions 2) promote good leadership techniques and 3) assist in the management of communication in the use of technology in the workplace.


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