Cutting red tape to stimulate economic development

The strategic focus of SIRA Consulting is policy development and implementation for the government including ministries, provinces and municipalities. With extensive knowledge of and experience with methods, techniques and best practices to cut red tape, the initiative aims to give insight into South African best practices to help improve public service delivery.

How can your consulting advice help to reduce red tape in South Africa?

Currently, the Dutch regulatory reform programme is the world’s leading programme for reducing administrative burdens and cutting red tape. SIRA Consulting has been a reputable firm in this field for more than 12-years.

SIRA Consulting can provide the South African government and concerning stakeholders with proven best practices and useful methods to reduce red tape and improve public services in an effective manner. Moreover, SIRA Consulting can teach how to deal with challenges when facing red tape. Cutting red tape will create an enabling business environment, foster economic growth and create jobs.

How can the Netherlands learn from challenges that South Africa faces?

SIRA Consulting has a lot of experience with reducing bureaucracy as a result of reducing red tape, but is also very interested in stimulating the economy and reducing unemployment and poverty, which should be the result of a reduction of red tape in South Africa.

It is interesting to discuss problems the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are facing when dealing with red tape and the solutions they have found, because these enterprises are the engine of the South African economy. It is important to exchange knowledge and experience, since the Netherlands can learn from the creativity of entrepreneurs.

What do you hope to accomplish in Department of Design?

During Department of Design, SIRA Consulting and the Western Cape Government hope to accomplish two things: On the one hand to encourage participants through their workshops to actively start reducing red tape. On the other hand identifying (new) solutions, so the government and businesses can work together to overcome trade barriers. This way, knowledge and experience on how to address red tape can be exchanged, as well as gaining better insight of the challenges that South Africa faces.


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