CLIP | Dutch #CrossSectorApproach at African Utility Week & WISA Conference

There are few nations anywhere in the world that can link their economic and social development and their success so clearly and distinctly to their physical environment as the Dutch. Located in a low-lying delta at the confluence of three major rivers, the Netherlands presented a challenging and risk-laden environment. Through cross-sector cooperation focusing on inclusive and holistic solutions the Dutch have succeeded in creating a thriving nation in this vulnerable and sometimes inhospitable landscape. This setting demanded thinking and working together and has formed the essence of the Dutch character and socio-economic model today.

It is for this reason, we believe that it is critical to put the local needs at the core of our discussions and focus on long-term partnerships and commitments. Because only if we work together, listen to each other and utilize knowledge, innovations and expertise from all sectors, we can find sustainable, holistic and inclusive solutions for local challenges and #cocreateSA!

Find the full program of the Netherlands at African Utility Week here

Preview: What the Dutch have to offer at African Utiliy Week and WISA Conference 2016

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