Dutch design exchange at Munich Creative Business Week

Today’s entrepreneurs increasingly realize the relevance of innovative design for their business. In this regard, the Netherlands partnered up with the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), the largest design event held in Germany, to present to the world the Dutch approach to design. With a special side-program ranging from exhibitions, to speeches, to campaigns, to conferences, Dutch design -and the implementation of Dutch design thinking in product and service development- has a strong presence in this year’s program of MCBW.

The website explains: “More than ever, design originating in the Netherlands is known for its outstanding creativity and unlimited ways to innovate and experiment. These characteristics date back to the cultural heritage of the old Dutch masters and are a strong motivating force for Dutch designers who time and again explore the limits of their own areas of expertise and enter into cross-disciplinary partnerships.

These ‘cross-overs’ of the Dutch creative industry with other major fields of industries often lead to great future oriented innovation and expands the range of opportunities of design in close connection with technology, research, economy and politics.”

One thing to look out for in particular in the Dutch side program is the designXchange, a summit where designers, change-makers, corporate visionaries and business leaders will discuss ways to merge design and business as well as fields in which Germans and Dutch can learn from each other. The exhibition of the Dutch Design Awards 2015 is another. An exhibition, not just about product design, but moreover about the added value of creative industries at its best.

MCBW is aimed at sensitizing people for design and its relevance to society, culture and the economy. For one week, diverse events organized throughout the city – exhibitions, conferences, workshops, company tours and much more – attract visitors to MCBW including entire delegations from Germany and abroad.MCBW will take place from Monday 22 February to Sunday 28 February 2016 in Munich, Germany.

For more information: www.mcbw.de

(image: Ambulance Drone, winner Dutch Design Award 2015)

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