Entrepreneurship as the key to success

Hubspace Khayelitsha

Getting great minds together to exchange knowledge and experience is the key message of the Social Enterprise Hubspace. Located in Woodstock and Khayelitsha, Hubspace facilitates the personal spirit of future entrepreneurs.

“Hubspace is the synthesis of design, entrepreneurship, and dedication that is only possible when all its components work together,” says Hubspace.

The social works environment gives entrepreneurs the tools to realise their plans. Amongst these are advisory services, a shared work environment and the knowledge and experience of a professional team. Also available on the Hubspace ‘menu card’ include Internet availability for an hour and the opportunity to buy a complete business plan.

The goal is to strengthen future business leaders and encourages the notion that business leaders with a potential can come from any community. With the services provided at their facilities, even those growing up under difficult circumstances can turn dreams into reality. With their Empowering everyone who enters the space, it encourages the notion that business leaders with a potential do not have to start in the corporate world but

An official WDC 2014 project, Hubspace Khayelitsha is increasing its exposure and the strength of its impact. But, it aims to be more than a business hub. To this end, they also work to connect innovators who may be able to join forces and improve their projects, with training every step of the way.

These collaborations are highlighted in the ‘Perfect Pitch’ events. The sessions give entrepreneurs the floor to pitch their innovative business ideas, and stand a chance of winning a new laptop as a business tool.

Hubspace come from varying backgrounds, combining business knowledge and experience with social empathy. They bring people from different communities and social classes together, improving urban social and economic interaction. As it grows its presence in major townships across South Africa, its helps create an even brighter future for the entrepreneurial spirit of South Africa.

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