From brainstorming ideas to business success

Ideas and innovations are not always practically applicable. BASIS2BUSINESS introduces a new design process to improve the viability assessment of innovation and change. By helping educate creative and other innovative businesses and enterprises in how to assess their possibilities of success, they help ensure strong futures. Ahead of their session at Department of Design, BASIS2BUSINESS opens up about their initiative.

How can BASIS2BUSINESS design benefit South Africans?

Well-structured and goal driven cooperation will speed up almost any form of development and innovation. Although different in impact, the challenges which creatives, developers and innovators face in bringing their ideas into practice and fulfillment are almost always the same.

The model BASIS2BUSINESS is derived from both theory and hands on experience and helps in this process by giving insight into why many strategies and ideas remain just strategies and ideas. South African society faces many of these challenges. BASIS2BUSINESS aims for this model to help to provide even the most modest support to conquer these challenges.

How can the Netherlands learn from challenges faced in South Africa?

South African people have such a positive approach, even in circumstances where the growth of solutions seems to be slower than the growth of challenges. This positive attitude, given the young South African state as we now know it, is special and a force to be reckoned with. This holds true even in a situation where economic and job growth is not what one would wish, and where we see dissatisfaction in labour relations and other political situations. The Netherlands can learn a lot from such a mentality. In the design process this mentality has a definite accelerating function.

What does BASIS2BUSINESS hope to accomplish in Department of Design?

BASIS2BUSINESS hopes to help businesses face challenges in the development of ideas and strategies, and help them bring those ideas into practice. In addition, Department of Design is a great networking and sharing opportunity.

Learn more about BASIS2BUSINESS at their event at Department of Design on 11th  July

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