Gaming to solve serious problems


Tygron Serious Gaming is a serious game developer that aims to efficiently show how parties can use a 3D spatial Serious Gaming platform to increase efficiency and reduce delays in urban planning. We spoke to Tygron about their initiative in Department of Design.

How can your serious gaming technology benefit South Africa?

South African urban areas are becoming ever more crowded. The rate of growth means that urban planners are facing challenges at a new scale. Multiple different domains, differing time scales, and most of all, a wider set of stakeholders are involved.

All of these challenges can lead to bad design choices or even worse, no choices at all. Tygron’s Serious Gaming technology creates consensus amongst stakeholders in urban redevelopment. This consensus allows delayed projects to move forward, which eventually leads to better service delivery and, with that, a higher quality of life.

How can the Netherlands learn from Challenges South Africa faces?

Due to the large differences in geographic scale, the Netherlands can learn the importance of creating scale-independent solutions.
What do you hope to accomplish in Department of Design?

Tygron hopes to connect their innovative technology with people who are faced with stakeholder conflicts in their urban projects.

Learn more about Tygron Serious Gaming at the Serious Gaming Festival in Department of Design on 10 July

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