Inside Department of Design


An event that will include workshops, keynote speakers and round table discussions, the Department of Design endeavours to match design-thinking with sustainable development solutions. But the event’s space itself will also get cutting-edge design treatment, with an inspirational interior make-over by Dutch firm, Droog.

Unveiling exclusive photographs to Capetonians for the first time last night, the Dutch Consul General explained the space would be produced with materials locally sourced and produced. In that way, the space underscores the event’s emphasis on collaboration.

“Department of Design is about co-creation, for South Africans to share what could be improved in their lives,” she said.

“Just as we are currently developing our programme with South African and Dutch partners, Droog will cocreate our location with locally sourced materials and construction with local partners,” she said.

The plans are both innovative and impressive, revealing a living landscape featuring interactive activities. These include video streaming, a children’s play area and a pop-up café. Intimate and inspiring in a cool tones, the space is inviting for all visitors.

But knowledge-exchange is the centrepiece of Department of Design. In that way, the dynamically designed meeting rooms will be the heart of the intersection between design and inspiration. To help nurture the creative process of those hosted inside, speakers and audience members will find an inviting environment with hammock seating, cut-out forest scenes and secrete messages on their seats.

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