Introducing The Seven Dutch AUW Participants

We would like to introduce the seven Dutch Companies participating in African Utility Week. Together with their partners they will showcase their best examples of tackling the most pressing utility challenges on the continent. The Dutch are using a cross-sector approach with innovative technologies and partnerships to co-create sustainable agro, energy and water solutions for local challenges in Africa, you can find them at Expo Stand P3 until the 19th of May.

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BIG Dredging
Energy & Water

BIG Dredging rehabilitates rivers by using the latest technologies. They start by addressing the waterplants. By taking them out of the water, the waterplants pollute. These plants can be converted into biogas, where their remainders serve as natural fertilizer. As a second advantage, taking out the waterplants make that the mosquitoes spreading malaria need to find another habitat. From there they rehabilitate the river bed by lowering the levels of sediments which have been increasing over decades or even centuries.


Energy, Water & Agri

DNV GL is an energy powerhouse that draws its strength from a rich legacy of independence and excellence. DNV GL has experience in testing, inspection, certification and advisory services. Through their expertise and services, they aim to support everyone with integrity and foresight, as they strive for safety and sustainability in the energy industry.


Energy & Water

MPower is an investment company, specialized in Mpowering the world. They bring energy to the people. Their hybrid energy systems can deliver electrical energy, hot domestic water, heating and cooling by using wind, water and sun energy. To make a bridge between the generated energy and usage of energy, they integrate energy storage systems.


Royal HaskoningDHV
Energy & Water

Royal HaskoningDHV is an international consulting, engineering and project management group that provides expertise, amongst others, in the fields of transportation, aviation & planning. The company has been contracted to coordinate the development of Cape Town Airport’s new runway.


Energy & Water

SolteQ Energy develop and provide innovations and sustainable energy solutions. They developed The FreshWaterMill (FWM) system and it intends to answer water challenges by using a renewable energy such as wind and thus provide affordable drinking water without having to rely on fossil fuels or grid connections.



“To provide clean drinking water at the lowest price” – was the starting point for the development of the Villagepump 500 by the Dutch company Villagepump BV. The Villagepump 500 purifies up to 500 liters of water per hour, without any external power source or the use chemicals. The Villagepump 500 is a simple, robust device, easy to operate and with low maintenance costs. Operating the Villagepump requires no more than moving the handle up and down which results in a steady flow of up to 8 liters clean water per minute.


Vitens Evides International

Vitens Evides International supports water companies in developing countries by improving their business processes in a sustainable way. VEI shares the extensive and prolonged experience of six water companies in the Netherlands: Vitens, Evides Waterbedrijf, WML, Watercompany Groningen, PWN and Brabant Water. We expand the capabilities of these companies and help them professionalise their operations by actively sharing our long-standing expertise and experience.

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