Meet the Dutch companies participating at AI Expo Africa 2020

The Kingdom of the Netherlands believes that we can co-create pioneering digital solutions to local challenges by facilitating innovative partnerships. Read more on the companies below and click on the logos to visit their website. 

Dutch Companies

FRISS is 100% focused on automated fraud and risk detection for P&Cinsurance companies worldwide. Their AI-powered detection solutionsfor underwriting, claims and SIU help 175+ insurers grow their business.FRISS detects fraud, mitigates risks and supports digital transformation.Insurers go live within 4 months, realize up to 10 times ROI and 80% increasein straight through processing of policy application and claims. FRISS solutions help lower loss ratios, enable profitable portfolio growth,and improve the customer experience.

Modern Day Strategy is a boutique software consulting firm specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

We work with clients all over the world that require assistance with the organisation, classification, clean-up and labeling of data.

SAM4 is a plug-and-play predictive maintenance system for AC motors and rotating equipment that installs inside the motor control cabinet and not on the asset in the field. High-frequency sensors monitor current and voltage 24/7; advanced AI-based analytics turn the electrical waveform data into detailed information about the health of the connected asset. This data enables the technology to detect upcoming failures up to months in advance. The use of electrical signals further enables SAM4 to provide real-time performance and energy metrics such as a real-time pump curve using the same data. An online dashboard presents actionable insights that help users prevent unplanned downtime, reduce energy use, and improve operational safety and reliability.

Intelligent automation platform for enterprise organizations. We help digitalize and transform offline marketing and procurement processes at scale, with one business-friendly solution.

The Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age has its focus on safeguarding the role of the internet as a tool for personal, professional, and social engagement. I4ADA is taking concrete steps to increase access to knowledge, evidence-based trust and measures to foster accountability. The goals are to be a catalyst and facilitate transparency, a common understanding, and thus to promote maximum sustainable net benefit for people and societies worldwide.

Okay, here’s the thing: 40% of container transport on land is empty. At sea it’s 20%. Hundreds of Megatons of CO2 emissions and 25Bn Euro in cost are wasted. This form of global inefficiency has to stop. Right now. We at 4FOLD reduce empty transport in the most significant way. With a foldable container that saves up to 35% in costs and CO2. We are proud to say that the 4FOLD Foldable Container is the first fully ISO and CSC certified foldable 40Ft HC container. This means we meet the quality standards of the major shipping lines, terminals and rail and trucking companies. Numerous major shipping lines, shippers and logistics companies have recently used and tested the 4FOLD. That means we’ve been able to optimize our processes according to industry standards and now we’re ready to scale-up massively. Our mission is to help shippers and forwarders reach their footprint savings targets with real sustainable supply chain innovation. Join the 4FOLD movement! Shippers, shipping lines, forwarders and 4FOLD towards a more sustainable world together

Owlin is an Amsterdam-based company that provides news analytics tools to helps finance professionals monitor their portfolio proactively, continuously and in near real-time. By tapping into more than three million global sources, covering 11 languages, Owlin increases productivity and ensures that you never miss vital emerging risks, opportunities or trends. More

Experion Technologies is a 14+ year old IT solutions & services company with a focus on digital technologies. With over 300 customers across 32 countries, Experion uses the power of Mobile, Web, Analytics, Cloud, and Digital technologies to unlock the potential of businesses across verticals.

Since 2017, PortX has been developing its OptiPort software solutions to help nautical service providers to optimize the use of their vessels. Our operations are based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the former the largest port in the world and currently mentioned by Tripadvisor as one of Europe´s coolest cities. Our promise is to help our clients to save money. We do this by improving their dispatch capabilities, providing our clients with a cost optimal use of their fleet. Since 2019, PortX has a cooperation agreement with Helm Operations, one of the leading operational software vendors for nautical service providers in the international market. With this agreement we are now also able to sell the OptiPort software suite as an integrated solution within Helm CONNECT’S industry platform.

AI for Good

HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law) is a not-for-profit institution based in The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice. HiiL operates on the belief that justice systems around the world need to be improved.HiiL partners with various clients such as NGOs, governments and legal entrepreneurs to improve rulemaking and conflict resolution processes. Guided by the belief that justice should be accessible to everyone, HiiL works to increase access to justice and enhance the rule of law. With a strong belief in knowledge-based research, HiiL combines this with the view that innovation of justice is key to improving legal journeys around the world.

HiiL strives to make justice work for people around the world. To do this, HiiL operates in teams, which are the Measuring Justice, Innovating Procedures, and Justice Accelerator teams. From surveying justice needs to supporting legal innovation entrepreneurs, these distinct units of HiiL work together towards the common goal of the organisation - that by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems

LUMA is a chatbot companion that enables the bridging of the justice divide through technology. At LUMA we have re-imagined access to justice. We believe in accessible, affordable and user friendly legal expertise at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Create and download professional legal contracts in 5 quick and easy steps without breaking the bank! We are passionate about Entrepreneurs and believe that successful businesses improve lives. Our Contracts4Biz portal provides a robust collection of resources to aid and support business success. It aims to address the need of effective management of individual needs, such as drafting your will, the management of crucial relationships in business, including employment relationships and contractors, as well as stakeholder relationships in the ecosystem, such as clients, debtors, shareholders, directors and joint ventures. It also allows the users access to personalised support in case of any unforeseen legal incident occurring, supporting entrepreneurs to effectively establish legal foundations in their business for optimum growth and overall business success.

rAInbow is a friendly, non-judgmental digital companion for those at risk of domestic abuse and violence. In essence, it's a chatbot that helps people identify signs of abuse and provides relevant resources to help them. Since we launched rAInbow in November 2018, we’ve had over 18,000 users in South Africa, who have exchanged over 820,000 messages with the bot. Users simply type ‘Hi Rainbow’ on Facebook Messenger to start a conversation. rAInbow is available 24/7, an important feature as users might only be able to talk in the middle of the night when their abuser is asleep.

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