The Mobility Indaba invites you to get involved in the sustainable mobility Charter and Action Plans

The discussions held during the Mobility Indaba UnConference solidified into a sustainable mobility Charter & Action Plans which will function as a guide for stakeholders including the government, to co-create solutions for mobility challenges we are facing. During the UnConference, the foundation for a subcommittee for sustainable mobility was laid. This subcommittee will have the responsibility to oversee and advise on implementation of the Charter and the five key areas of action developed at the Mobility Indaba.

How can I get involved?

The subcommittee is one aspect of the way forward, the other is for the Mobility Indaba as a whole. We would like to encourage participants to connect and start implementing ideas in line with the personal commitments written down and pledged on the #cocreateSA cards and post-it-notes. The essence of this personal commitment to drive change in our own sphere of influence forms an integral part of the Charter. We would like to invite you to take action by joining the Sustainable Moblity Facebook Group. This Group could be the first step towards realizing the Charter’s action point to -‘ identify users, needs & formalise’ – bringing together the wide array of advocacy groups, projects, companies and individuals that are active in the sustainable mobility space. Use the group to re-connect with fellow participants, to organize a meet-up to discuss how to drive one of your ideas, or to share upcoming events.

In terms of the subcommittee, we have received the following information from Transport for Cape Town: due to the restructuring of the administration of the City of Cape Town, the Intermodal Planning Committee(IPC) (from which the sustainable mobility subcommittee will form part) and the Land Transport Advisory Board (LTAB) meetings have been postponed until the new year in order to accommodate for the requirements of the new structure for Transport and Urban Development. Once a date for the first meeting of the subcommittee has been confirmed, Mobility Indaba UnConference participants will receive an email invitation from the City of Cape Town. An announcement will also be posted on the Facebook Group.

What is the process?

One of the first things that will need to be done is confirming the membership of the subcommittee, as well as a schedule of meetings in alignment with the IPC meetings. Subsequently, the draft Charter & Action Plan will need to be taken through the subcommittee and circulated to stakeholders to ensure continuity and sustainability into the future.  This sign off is to ensure that the Charter & Action Plans are in alignment with processes and procedures around the activities of the subcommittees of the IPC,  and to establish how it will be operationalized within the City. Once the formal part has been taken care of, the subcommittee will have the responsibility to oversee and advise on the implementation of the Charter & Action Plans.


The Sustainable Mobility Charter & Action Plans with personal commitments made by participants at the UnConference


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