Mobility Indaba: The Hero Exhibition

Photo Credit: Leandra de Sousa


Photo Credit: Kit Beukes

This year various artists came together to adorn sneaker skates with their favourite comic heroes at the 4th annual Hero Exhibition hosted by Friends of Design and Artfarm. We are thrilled to announce that the display will form part of the Mobility Indaba to celebrate a blend of artistry and mobility.

The exhibition provides a display of art that people are able to relate to in the form of comics, movies and various other mediums. It is a space where art can be appreciated through memory, imagination and stories told.  The aim of the exhibition was to showcase conventional materials made into artwork symbolizing hero characters. Even more significant was the amount of work and passion that went into creating each display. The parade of intricately decorated skates aimed to bring the message across that if everyone leaving the expo could put in a decent amount work and passion into their everyday lives, they too would have the potential to become a hero to someone else.


Photo Credit: Michelle Anne Kao

In previous exhibitions, the hero theme customized vinyl toys, skate decks, scooter tyres and this year, roller skates. The continuous hero theme encourages artists to be inspired by their heroes, and in turn, to inspire others.

The expo is but a glimpse of design talent in South Africa. Curator Philipp Schmid explains, “The most rewarding part is always the moment when we open up the expo floor for the visitors and seeing the many happy eyes and smiles once they browse the many excellent expo pieces.”

South Africa is a melting pot of creativity and the most significant part, is that it’s not confined to the walls of a gallery. Mobility works the same way; it is creative, moving and should not have to be confined to a vehicle. We hope that through this exhibition, visitors will be inspired by the handiwork of the artists, and mobility in an alternative form.

Hero Exhibition

Photo Credits from top left: Stephanie Simpson, Cobus Nienaber, Nicolas Rix, Ryan Carolisen

Visitors can look forward to the Hero Expo on 8 and 9 October 2016 between 09:30 – 16:30.

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