Netherlands Reinforces Partnership With South Africa to Co-create Water Solutions

South Africa is currently facing some of its largest water challenges in history. These are not just limited to water obstacles, but also result in agriculture and energy challenges. As an important partner of South Africa, The Kingdom of the Netherlands is participating in two major water events: WISA (Water Institute of South Africa) in Durban & AUW (African Utility Week) in Cape Town. Special Water Envoy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands Mr. Henk Ovink will participate in both events to provide keynote speeches and exchange sustainable water solutions.

Mr. Ovink will visit the two utility events with a delegation of (South African) Dutch companies to talk about sustainable solutions for local water challenges. The Kingdom of the Netherlands aims at co-creating innovative ideas by using a cross-sectoral approach, whereby it recognizes the fact that water is not a standalone issue.Mr. Henk Ovink will play a central part of the Dutch participation in WISA & AUW. He will address how the specific and urgent needs of South Africa related to sustainable water management can be further matched with the knowledge, skills and experience of the Netherlands water sector.

The Netherlands learned water management the hard way and is now more than willing to share its experience with water challenges with South Africa. This led to a formal partnership (MOU) and several collaboration projects between the countries such as the Kingfisher project (water management) and Two Rivers Urban Park in Cape Town. The Netherlands water sector has joined forces with South African counterparts to continue and enhance the collaboration in the field of water management.

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