Nokuthula (Nokky) Ndlovu chats about the impact of being an Inspiring Fifty 2017 winner

“Being nominated as one of the Inspiring Fifty Women in South Africa in 2017 was a humbling experience which has opened doors to many opportunities, especially for Limit Breakers Global Foundation. The foundation has since been able to impact the lives of many more young girls and women from rural communities, much in thanks to the increased awareness of our vision and empowerment projects. Most recently, the work of the foundation was nominated by the Gauteng Premier at the Women Excellence Awards of 2018. This was in recognition for our role in investing in young girls through our mentorship programme, career days as well as the retreats and camps which we host.

Becoming an Inspiring Fifty woman has also provided me with access with many more platforms for dialogue & engagement. I’ve been invited to speak to audiences on a number of public stages, one of which is the 2018 Gender Equality in a New Inclusive African Economy (GENIAE) conference that will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

I value the connections that being an Inspiring Fifty Woman has enabled me to create. Being nominated alongside the other 49 trailblazers of 2017 further enlightened me to the influential impact that we as women have within our communities and organisations. 

Inspiring Fifty is a powerful platform that offers women in the STEM sector the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations. The Kingdom of The Netherlands has continuously invested towards making this a multicontinental network, which enables the impact to resonate to more young girls and women than before. I strongly encourage women who are active in the STEM sector to consider taking part in this year’s Inspiring Fifty.

For me personally, this platform has proven to be a network where I am continuously energized by the caliber of the women that I continue to meet. I’m so excited to play a role in the Inspiring Fifty of 2018.”

After the exciting launch of Inspiring Fifty South Africa 2017, Inspiring Fifty, in cooperation with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is proud to announce Inspiring Fifty South Africa 2018 search for the most inspiring South African women in the technology and innovation sectors.

Can you think of any inspirational woman who deserve to be nominated? Can you identify amazing women who are role models for women and girls who choose a Tech related career?

Nominate them now. Or nominate yourself.

Go to the website and simply click on the ‘Nominate Now’ button, or you can send your nominee’s name, role, company and e-mail address to directly. We will follow up with the nominee to ask her to complete the nomination form.

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