Successful #cocreatePOETICA festival concluded in Cape Town

Cape Town– From 6 to 10 September 2017 the Cape Town Open Book Festival took place. Part of this festival is #cocreatePOETICA, an initiative of the Dutch Consulate General in Cape Town, where South African and Dutch spoken word artists explore the shared past and cultural similarities between the Netherlands and South Africa. The second edition of the project tries through spoken word and rap to engage young people to discuss on the topics of identity, heritage and shared futures. At the festival three Dutch Artists were represented; Akwasi Ansah, Dean Bowen and Sjaan Flikweert. With this cultural programme the Dutch Consulate General tries to offer a new perspective on the shared past and make new connections with marginalised youth in the Netherlands and South Africa.

Besides co-performances, workshops and panel discussions the Dutch and South African artists undertook a joint three-day journey to different important cultural and historical locations in Greater Cape Town. The experience and knowledge acquired in these journeys have been translated into poetry and performed in front of a broad live audiences. The successful project was concluded on Sunday 10 September with the sold-out final show Embracing space with performances from the Dutch and South African artists. An important part of this initiative are the collaborations and interactions between the Dutch and South Africans. These are the fundamentals of the Dutch diplomatic mission in South Africa, known as #cocreateSA.

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