Positive survey results for Department of Design

Thessa playing Khayelitsha

Just over 2 weeks ago we closed the doors to Department of Design, but our recent survey of the participants shows that the impact and potential legacy lives on.

The response rate of the survey was over 26% (180 responses out of the 682 participants surveyed) which gives us a good indication of the overall public perception of Department of Design. Department of Design was meant as a platform for collaboration and a meeting space to extend professional and personal networks.

The survey outcomes show Department of Design has exceeded our initial expectations.

  • The majority of the respondents indicated that they saw Department of Design was an opportunity for knowledge-exchange and collaboration, to re-connect with/ extend their network as well as a creative event- and meeting space.
  • On the main programme keynote lectures and workshops, the majority of the respondents indicated that they were ‘’very good’’, showing the strength of collaboration between South African and Dutch companies and organisations from the different top sectors and sustainability areas.
  • In terms of a follow-up or way forward after Department of Design; many would appreciate support to establish more long-term partnerships between South Africa and the Netherlands.

The overall response to the events and activities of Department of Design contributed on our journey of collaboration to #cocreateSA, and we look forward to having you join us as we go even further.

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