The Hague Tech on Trade Mission to Cape Town

The Hague Tech is an international community in the heart of the Dutch city of The Hague. It is here where talent, businesses, research institutions and government bodies work together by using technology to help build a better society.

The Hague Tech was recently nominated for The Hague Business Award for its place where ‘hipsters, hackers & hustlers’ gather to bring innovation to life and for making a genuine contribution to economic growth.

So it is not strange that The Hague Tech choose Cape Town for its preferred destination. From 25th and 30th of November 2017 The Hague Tech is visiting Cape Town with the ambition to set up a , a bridge between The Hague and Cape Town. This will allow the community The Hague Tech, currently consisting of about 96 members, a great partnership to cocreate solutions with South African partners to change the world. Because that is ultimately the goal of the Tech members in the Hague Tech hub.

This will not be the first international outreach, as in September 2017, The Hague Tech signed a partnership agreement with The Vault; a San Francisco-based tech community. Both parties have committed to exchanging three promising, internationally-oriented start-ups in 2018. This is the type of result we are striving for in Cape Town.

So if you are interested in meeting these cool dudes from The Hague let us know and we will set up a meeting for you! The founders of The Hague Tech are interested in meeting Cape Town’s copious tech-talent; meeting founders and technology evangelists; co-working; discovering spaces, accelerators, incubators, experience labs and everything else local start-up-ecosystem-related.  And in return they will offer South African talent and start-ups a soft landing, including office space and warm introductions to investors, launching customers and subsidy partners, the Dutch start-up ecosystem.

For more information, please visit The Hague Tech at

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