Participate in the pilot of The Water Hub accelerator programme: Western Cape, South Africa

The Water Hub invites Dutch water technology companies to apply to participate in the pilot of the Water Hub accelerator programme. If you have cost-effective, innovative solutions that fit into one or more of the categories below, please apply by 30 September 2020: 

  • Water pressure management systems (for commercial or industrial buildings to comply with fire safety requirements)
  • Low cost alternatives to Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valves to prevent backflow of alternative water into municipal water supply
  • Smart water quality monitoring systems (e.g. for groundwater, wastewater etc.)
  • Smart leak detection and water consumption monitoring systems
  • Greywater irrigation systems
  • Greywater or blackwater reuse systems for commercial buildings
  • Industrial wastewater treatment technologies (either to comply with discharge regulations or for reuse) - high COD (chemical oxygen demand) levels are often the challenge
  • Brine management solutions (resulting from the RO treatment of saline groundwater)
  • Acid recovery systems suitable for fruit juice processors
  • Water efficient alternatives to evaporative cooling systems, or technologies that reduce water losses from evaporative cooling systems
  • Water efficient dust suppression systems
  • Low cost water efficiency and reuse systems for commercial laundries
  • Water efficient technologies for commercial buildings
  • Water storage management systems (to manage multiple water tanks)In addition to the above, any proven technologies suited to assisting with a response to the COVID – 19 pandemic in the public and / or private sector are strongly encouraged.

The Water Hub is a not-for profit organisation that aims to support and advance water technologies in South Africa. In order to progress the development of the Water Hub’s service offering, the Dutch Consulate General in South Africa is providing funding for Dutch companies to trial the acceleration services of the Water Hub. These services will be provided for virtually due to the on-going covid-19 crisis, however, should international travel restrictions be lifted and allow for in-country trips, these will be accommodated for as part of the service offering, but cannot be guaranteed.

Successful applicants will receive the following support to facilitate market access in South Africa: 

  1. Introduction to the SA Water Market

Successful applicants will be introduced to the SA water market before engagements with local SA organisations are facilitated, so that they have some time to research and properly prepare for their engagements. These sessions will be done via video-conference (Zoom or Google Meet) and include follow-up emails and calls. The support will include:

  • An overview of the South African water market
  • A market intelligence presentation and discussion on the regulatory and economic environment
  • Collaborative mapping of the technology/service to potential customer segments (support in identifying the best fit of the technology or service to the local market)
  • Business proposition comparison and development (support in developing the business proposition for the local market, focusing on the financial model and the competitiveness of the offer compared to local alternatives)
  1. Market entry strategy development and implementation
  • Identification of potential demonstration opportunities (introductions to organisations that may be willing to allow for demonstration/testing projects at their premises – successful companies will likely be required to bear the full cost of the demonstration project, unless alternative funding is secured)
  • Regulatory advice (a broad overview of the applicable regulatory requirements will be provided, together with contacts for the relevant regulatory authorities - more detailed legal guidance would need to be outsourced to the relevant experts)
  • Funding advice (information on relevant funding sources and contacts for funding organisations)
  • Match-making with local partners (highly personalised and targets contacts will be provided and introductions will be facilitated)
    • Opportunities for networking at the forthcoming virtual industry events will also be supported, if appropriate (Africa Utility Week from 26 – 29 November 2020 and Water Institute of South Africa Conference and Exhibition from 7 – 11 December 2020)
  1. Travel and subsistence allowance, if travel restrictions allow

The pilot programme will run from 1st October 2020 until 31st March 2021 (unless otherwise agreed with the successful participant). 

How to submit an application 

If you are a Dutch business wanting to explore the South African market and have cost-effective, innovative solutions that fit into one or more of the categories listed above, please complete the online application form, accessible here.

Consideration will be given to the following factors, when choosing the successful applicants:

              1. Alignment of the technology with the above listed challenges
              2. Technology readiness level (preference given to later-stage technologies)
              3. Technologies that are likely to have a good business case in the South African context

Closing day for applications: 30th September 2020

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