Adeiye Tjon

Photos by Open Book Festival

#cocreatePOETICA Collaboration on Expresso Show

#cocreatePOETICA Collaboration

Music is a language within itself and has the power to communicate, mobilise and uplift people from different spaces, languages and cultures. #TBT to this wonderful collaboration between South African artists Quintin Jitsvinger Goliath and Adrian Van Wyk and Dutch artists Akwasi Ø. Ansah and Adeiye Tjon #cocreatePOETICA

Geplaatst door Cocreatesanl op Donderdag 9 februari 2017

SA and Dutch Artists Collaborating #cocreateSA

SA and Dutch Artists Collaborating #cocreateSA

In case you missed it last night, watch Adrian Van Wyk , Adeiye Tjon , Quintin Jitsvinger Goliath and Akwasi Ø. Ansah collaborating on The Ready D Show #cocreateSA

Geplaatst door Cocreatesanl op Vrijdag 16 september 2016