The Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa continues to pledge their support to the local water sector through their proud participation in the WISA conference of 2018- the largest bi-annual water conference in Southern Africa.

During the three day conference from 24-27 June, key stakeholders from the water sector of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be involved in the following initiatives as part of the formal WISA conference programme:
  • Hosting an informative workshop on co-creating solutions for industrial water re-use
  • Co-hosting a workshop with the National Department of Water and Sanitation on the Kingfisher Project relating to cooperation between South Africa and the Netherlands to co-create sustainable solutions for Water and Sanitation in a changing environment
  • Supporting a number of Dutch businesses and organizations with their individual water solution-focused workshops and abstracts
  • Hosting the Wetskills programme finals
The Kingdom of the Netherlands will furthermore be hosting a number of tailor-made matchmaking programs. This value-add offering is for the Netherlands participants forming part of the official trade delegation facilitated by the Netherlands Water Partnership. Through this matchmaking programme, Dutch and local companies will strategically be brought together to collaborate and co-create solutions for local water problems.
The conference organizers are excited to welcome Dutch water expertise and innovation to the WISA conference in Cape Town. 
Jason Mingo, the chairman of WISA’s technical committee stated, “the need for collaboration in improving water management has never had more relevance given the current situation across South Africa. The partnership with the Netherlands and associated Dutch partners and government agencies is significant for sharing experiences, developing mutual trade benefits and co-creating a more water secure future. As such, a warm welcome is to be extended to the Dutch participants at the upcoming WISA 2018 biennial conference. The event provides a further opportunity to celebrate the commitment of the long standing partnership and respectful relationship that continues between the Dutch Government, through the Dutch Consul General, and the Western Cape Government.
The Dutch participation at WISA forms part of the campaign #cocreateSA, a platform for South African and Dutch counterparts to exchange ideas and innovations for a sustainable future.
The following Dutch companies have signed up for the conference and have begun their preparations for “breaking boundaries and connecting ideas

Royal IHC has a history in 17th century ship-building and focuses now on projects from sea level to ocean floor in suppling innovative and efficient equipment for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets

MTD Flex Water focuses on the growing market of temporary water supply and disposal

Rollepaal provides innovative pipe-producing equipment and their developments contribute to reducing energy consumption and the usage of raw materials.

Hydraloop offers smart and affordable water recycling products in multiple spheres of usage

Mienis is a pioneer in water treatment and has specialized in this space for more than 40 years

Lynnwood Living is a Dutch interior design company that offer custom solutions to the home, including a water recycling shower


Mobile Water Management is the only software company in the water sector that registers water levels by using a mobile device


E.S.A Group is a leading specialist in physic-chemical wastewater technology and gives advice in the field of environmental problems concerning flue gas cleaning and waste water treatment


HydroNET solves current water problems resulting from climate change and urbanization through ICT innovations


PUM works with a great network of senior experts who consult entrepreneurs on a one-on-one basis creating a more long-term impact in the water and other spaces

Even though our countries differ, there are many parallels in the public and cultural debates on identity, integration and transformation. Our long term cultural policy is therefore focused on co-creating cultural interventions to build mutual understanding and trust.

Our mission is to promote inclusive economic growth and support Dutch businesses by strengthening entrepreneurship and cross-sectoral cooperation in South Africa.