2018 Bicycle Mayor | Lebogang Mokwena

The inaugural Bicycle Mayor of Cape Town, Lebogang Mokwena is an enthusiastic commuter cyclist and has been teaching Capetonians, mainly women, how to ride bicycles since 2017. Between 2015 and 2017, she was a volunteer for Bike New York on their adult bicycling learning programme, which was inspired by her experience of learning how to ride a bicycle through this same initiative in 2014. Her cycling work and advocacy centres around making commuter cycling accessible and inclusive, with a special focus on getting more Black, Coloured, and Indian women on bicycles for both recreational and utility cycling. She loves the bicycle not only for its physical form and technological simplicity but also for its relevance in any discussion on transport justice, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and liveable cities. When she is not riding, talking and dreaming about, or meditating on inclusive cycling futures, Lebogang dedicates her remaining brain cells to a PhD completion mission in Sociology. 



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