7:30 - 8:30 Join us for coffee at nearby cafés        
08:45 Take your seats    
09:00 - 09:05 Welcome to Cape Town Bonnie Horbach  
09:05 - 09:10 Designing the future     Erica Elk  
09:10 - 09:20 BEYOND THE CRISIS   ALL Rashiq Fataar  
  Turning our biggest crises into an opportunity        
  Can our crises can be turned into an opportunity to build greener and more climate resilient cities? Is the political will towards ecological solutions being rediscovered?        
09:20-09:50 DESIGNING FOR A WORLD IN CRISIS Lecture ALL Alfredo Brillembourg  
  Turning our biggest crises into an opportunity        
  From Caracas to Athens to Cape Town, Alfredo Brillembourg has designed with communities facing political, socioeconomic
and environmental crises. He was involved in the Empower Shack project in Khayelitsha which was recently nominated for a RIBA prize. 
09:50-10:00 FROM WATER SCARCITY TO WATER LEADER Lecture WATER Amanda Gcanga  
  Why governance of water is key        
  Amanda Gcanga is studying socio-technical sustainability transitions and will shed light on how to accomplish sustainable transitions in the water space in light of the increased water scarcity threat.        
10:00 - 10:10 COCREATING THE FUTURE OF TRANSPORT Lecture MOBILITY Rehana Moosajee  
  Collaboration at the heart of how we will move        
  Fixing our public transport system will require more than just fixing our infrastructure. Rehana Moosajee believes how we cocreate and collaborate will be even more important.        
10:10 - 10:55 FOOD AS THE GAMECHANGER Panel Discussion FOOD Zayaan Khan Moderated by: Dr. Nancy Onyongo
  Rethinking our supply chains     Sumayya Vally  
        Gareth Haysom  
  How can farmers, businesses, activities and government work together to feed our urban population?     Dr. Mao Angua Amis  
10:55-11:00 Pitching Session/Break
11:00-11:45 A NEW DEAL FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT Panel Discussion MOBILITY Yusry Frizlar Moderated by: Sean Cooke
  All on board     Gail Jennings  
  Public funding cuts and failed transport agencies require a new world of delivering and operating our transport systems. Can private sector come on board to form a “new deal”?    

Brett Herron

Rehana Moosajee

11:45-12:30 GOVERNMENT 2.0 Panel discussion GOVERNMENT Catherine Stone Moderated by: Naadiya Moosajee
  New ways to govern our most complex issues     Jodi Allemeier  
        Luyanda Mpahlwa  
  Our societies have transformed, but why are our governance
structures the same?
    Jason Mingo  
12:30-14:00 LUNCH
14:00-14:10 Pitching Session/Break
14:10-14:20 IN THE FACE OF JOHANNESBURG Lecture FOOD Sumayya Vally  
  Designing inside out        
  Sumayya Vally runs an all-women architecture company which studies and designs solutions for the social and environmental crises facing Johannesburg.        
14:20-14:30 A CITY WATERSCAPE Lecture WATER Rani Izhar  
  Improving urban life with design tools        
  Climate change and growing city populations require integrated solutions for the city water systems. Rani Izhar of OKRA has been promoting the use of urban water sensitive design tools to improve living conditions in cities around the world.        
14:30-15:15 FROM CRISIS TO LEADER Panel discussion WATER Rani Izhar Moderated by: Rashiq Fataar
  Building a vision for water     Amanda Gcanga  
  How can cities facing a water crisis seize the opportunity to become the next water role-model on the continent?    

Julia Mclachlan

Alison Lewis

 John Holmes

15:15 - 15:30 THE FUTURE OF HOPE Lecture FOOD Chido Govera  
  Feeding the world        

Chido Govera is a farmer, campaigner, and educator who teaches mushroom cultivation to thousands of people from across the world, from her native Zimbabwe to Colombia.

15:30-16:00 COFFEE BREAK
  The Future of Food        
  There is a global food insecurity crisis, with Africa being the most impacted. According to FAO, in the last two years malnutrition has been increasing in the continent despite the improving economic conditions. Food systems Innovation presents great opportunity to address this crisis, such as technology that improves productivity at farm level, food waste management etc.        
16:10 - 16:20 BLUE-GREEN WATER LATTICE Lecture WATER Julia McLachlan  
  From Singapore to Cape Town        
  Julia McLachlan spent 15 years in Singapore observing the transformation of their water systems. Now she has a long term plan to design our public open spaces as water harvesting catchments.        
16:20-16:35 ARCHITECTURE AS DIALOGUE Lecture SOCIAL COHESION Rod Choromanski  
  A language to connect people and culture     Mhlengi Gumede  
  Rod Choromanski designed the first new museum in Durban for 100 years on a site he describes as a “disaster”. The building recently won the Grand Prix award at the Africa Architecture Awards 2017.        
16:35 - 17:20 TIME TO COME TOGETHER Panel Discussion SOCIAL COHESION Zahira Asmal Moderated by: Bonita Bennett
  Social cohesion is needed more than ever     Rod Choromanski  
  More than design tools, we need to connect, listen, and learn from each other, beyond our divides and differences. How can we come together, bridge our divides and forge new paths beyond the crises of our time.    

Mhlengi Gumede

Brenda Skelenga

17:20 - 17:30 WHERE TO FROM HERE? Closing   Luyanda Mpahlwa  
  A path to move beyond the crisis        
  Closing remarks by one of Africa’s most recognised architects.        
  Films The Electric