#cocreateDESIGN aims to create an enabling environment that fosters co-creation between Dutch and South African designers and showcasing how design can use waste to create new products, giving visibility to the circular economy and the power of creativity.  

Dutch Students


ANDREA WETZELS My name is Andrea Wetzels and I am a creative individual with a big interest in music, art, design and lifestyle. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always busied myself with creating things and developing new ideas. When I started studying International Event, Music and Entertainment studies, I finally had the opportunity to put all my thoughts into practice and be involved in projects that matter not just to me, but also other companies and bigger audiences.  

Having grown up near the forest of my home town and the seaside of The Netherlands, means that I have always been very close to nature. My parents taught me that it is very important to take good care of yourself and your surroundings. This is why I am very interested in sustainability, as well as coming up with new, smart ideas to improve the world we live in.

When I heard about a project that highlights the plight of ocean pollution, I got really excited. The ocean is such a big part of the cycle of life and at the moment we are not taking good care of it. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest causes and even though most people know that there’s something going on, nobody is really taking action. I think we are going in the right direction and I would love to design something that would help this cause. I also feel very blessed that I get the opportunity to work on this project in Cape Town as it is such a creative and vibrant city.



RIK VOGELAARS I will be participating in the  #cocreateDESIGN activation during the Volvo Ocean Race event to bring awareness to the problem of Plastic Pollution in Cape Town. I will achieve this through the creation of high quality visuals. My passion lies in photography, videography and branding.

I believe I can contribute to this cause and will do this by taking on the role of a content creator with a strong emphasis on visuals and the communication of various concepts.

I think that this subject is very interesting and a great opportunity to go in-depth on the subject to develop lasting solutions together with my college and lastly, to inspire and persuade people to care more about the environment, the sea and its inhabitants.



SILKE KORVER  I feel incredibly lucky and honoured to be able to participate in such a beautiful and relevant project. Having a big love for initiatives with social impact, I believe that this is a unique opportunity for me to express my creativity and use my skills and knowledge for a good cause.

It hurts when I see how negatively people interact with our planet. Luckily, with a few simple adjustments in one’s lifestyle, we can all make a big difference together. I believe in raising awareness on various issues and have seen the valuable effect that it can have.

Social impact and awareness are two concepts that I am well aware of due to my education in International Lifestyle Studies and my job as a trend analyst. Over the years I have managed to gain a lot of insight that could serve as inspiration for this particular project in South Africa. Before I started my (current) education, I did preparatory training for the Academy of Arts in Maastricht. The combination of my knowledge and skills from this preparatory training, in addition to my skills and experience in International Lifestyle Studies will hopefully serve as a unique contribution to developing a design object that will raise awareness for the event visitors. I want to try to find the real connection with them. How can we stimulate the visitors and get them to take action?  



MARTIJN KESSELS  As an International Lifestyle Studies student I focus on creating concepts that improve people’s quality of life. Last year I went to Mexico where I had a great experience studying in an international environment. One of my subjects was International Issues which assisted me in gaining a better understanding of a network of problems. I did research on water pollution and its consequences, which is related to plastic pollution in the ocean. The theme resonates with me because the environmental impact thereof is enormous.

During my internship at Creative Open interior studio, I gained experience in styling and design. Creative Open focuses on humane and handmade interior objects, in respect for nature. I also learned about up-cycling products - the process of transforming waste materials into new products. This inspired me to make lamps with empty wine bottles in my spare time.

I am really motivated to find solutions to a more sustainable future. I hope this co-creation project will lead to a valuable improvement for the present and the future. Working on a challenge to conceptualise and build objects out of plastic waste material to highlight the plight of ocean pollution will be a great experience for me!



LUUK WIERSEMA Hi! My name is Luuk Wiersema, I’m 22 years old and always scrolling through Instagram looking for inspirational "things" - which can be anything. I’m a fan of design objects, art, fashion and countless illustrators. I'm also a big fan of 23-year-old Boyan Slat from The Ocean Cleanup and have been following his contribution to combating ocean pollution.

What he does is really amazing! I'm a diver and have seen the current state and condition of the seabed. People like Boyan are vital and play an important role. Lastly, I visited the 2017 Dutch Design Week and I found that many young designers are involved in this exact theme. It was very inspiring seeing objects made from plastic waste extracted from the sea. I can’t wait to get started on this theme as well!


South African Students


JON-PEER BOUWER As a household, we have watched the animated movie ‘Happy Feet’ many times (many many times), which prompted my son  Jason to do his Grade 1 presentation on baleen whales and their diet of krill.I left out the part of my research that explained that, yes, the big pieces of plastic are a problem but it’s the tiny bits, the less than 1mm bits that are so numerous whales gulp down ‘swarms” of the stuff thinking it’s nutritious krill.There are so many examples of how plastic pollution degrades the environment.  

I realise that it is a very complicated global issue but I also have to believe that real solutions are possible; that with current levels of technology and design we will be able to find ways to clean our Ocean. Through this we can save its incredible inhabitants and provide all parents with a version of this story that can be told to their kids; one that does not end badly.


GABI ALLAN My name is Gabi, I am a third year Product Design student at CPUT. Sustainability and accountability are extremely important to me and it is my responsibility to teach others how to live in a way that is kind to ourselves and this planet.

The idea of collaborating with other designers who share similar views on our future as a human race is a rare and exciting opportunity.

As designers, we have the power to bring positive change. Awareness and involvement is the first step to doing this, and that is where I want to be involved.


BRENT DU PLESSIS  I’m a third year product design student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. I enjoy focusing on designs that create interest in the future of design; at all times seeking to create designs that use the knowledge gained through history, and yet not creating designs that feel more at home in the past. “Why be a designer if you are not leading the world to a better future?” is a line that encapsulates my ideals. I enjoy the social aspect of work while balancing good working relations with good work. Balance is key as there needs to be function AND aesthetic.

As a designer I have the ability to influence people directly. Through great design I can make environmentally conscious alternatives attractive; persuade people to believe in change for the better; give hope; inspire awe; delight even the smallest and lift up even the greatest. I am equipped to educate the masses whilst focusing on the singular; appreciate yesterday whilst creating a tomorrow.

The reason why I would like to be a part of this challenge is twofold: I would like to challenge myself, come out victorious and get recognition that will help promote myself as well as Industrial design in South Africa; what we are capable of and what we have learned in Cape Peninsula University of Technology; the second part is that I think that when we as designers or artists make a statement about something in the world, but do so in an appealing way there is less eye rolling and more people actually take head of what is being said. It’s not mindless it is aimed at getting the message across. And I like this message.



MICHAEL ALLEN My name is Michael Allen, I am a third year Industrial Design student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. I enjoy creating with a hands-on approach. I am particularly interested in the field of renewable energy. I aspire to design, innovate and invent solutions for sustainable development.

I would love to be part of this project as I feel very strongly about educating the public on why conservation is important. It is on our hands that the oceans have been devastated by consumerism in the plastic age. It is on us then to reverse the plight, by spreading awareness and finding solutions.

I am also a strong believer in collaborative efforts between any and all types of people. More minds are better than one! I think that together with our fellow Dutch students and contrasting design approach, we will yield very interesting outcomes that hopefully inspire others to take action.  



SIRAJ EVANS Hi, my name is Siraj and I was born in Australia and moved to Cape Town in 2011. I’m 20 Years old. I have an advanced knowledge in multiple programs. I strive to create an impact to society using design/art as a tool. Through this I am able to make a difference and express what’s happening around the world.

Earlier this year we were given the opportunity to develop a solution for our water crisis, my team and I developed a passive system that absorbed watermolecules from fog. I think a project like this would be amazing to be a part of, having the opportunity to open peoples minds through design and help them understand the current situation of our oceans and work towards making a change is something I want to be a part of.