Human rights should apply worldwide, to all people, in all places, at all times. The Netherlands strives to promote and protect human rights together with South Africa. In South Africa, the Netherlands partners with the South African government and non-governmental organizations to promote equal rights for women and the LGBTQI+ community.

Rhiza Babuyile

Rhiza Babuyile is a Johannesburg based Non Profit Organization focused on the holistic development of township communities. Our main project areas are Diepsloot, Orange Farm, Hani Park, Tembisa en Fisantekraal. Developing lives is in our DNA!

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress is a work of art made from the flags of all countries in the world where homosexuality is illegal. It’s an iconic dress that calls for openness and inclusiveness, encouraging people to actively contribute to, defend and share (acquired) freedoms. Measuring over 16 metres / 52 feet in diameter, the dress gives a beautifully monumental, powerful and disconcerting representation of the global status quo on government-sponsored LGBTI-phobia.

The Youth Zone Initiative

A youth zone is not a building or even a program, it is a network of relationships in a specific geographic area. Learning takes place under trees, in shacks, next to football pitches or in schools and libraries - what is important as the foundation for development is friendships, not buildings. Above all, Youthzones aim to create an empowering network where youths grow and learn from each other.

Ruben Richards Foundation

We are a South African nonprofit organisation with a vision to facilitate healing in traumatised communities. In that way we see ourselves assisting in changing communities for the better The Foundation is currently busy with peace building initiatives including the provision of psychological support services and a life skills program for juveniles in one of South Africa's most notorious gang land areas located on the "Cape Flats" of Cape Town - a place called Lavender Hill.

Mhani Gingi

Mhani Gingi – when translated into English – stands for a caring, industrious woman who is always looking for lasting solutions to social problems. Mhani Gingi is a non-profit organization that strives to provide innovative business solutions which are sustainable and profitable, and contribute towards alleviating poverty in South Africa. MhaniGingi uses the Power of the Collective to maximize networking, and tailor-made integrated skills development training according to the collective strengths and skills of the members. The main focus is currently on the province of the Western Cape, specialising in the townships surrounding Cape Town.

The Legal Resource

The LRC aspires to a fully democratic equal society.Our goals are to promote justice using the constitution, build respect for the rule of law, and contribute to socio-economic transformation within South Africa and beyond.

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