Excellence at 2017 #cocreate2ACCELERATE

Yet another successful #cocreate2ACCELERATE has wrapped up and it has left many benefits to reap from. The initiative which creates opportunities for Dutch and South African scale and start-ups to form relationships and co-create solutions to local issues, saw:

Those numbers speak volumes about what was achieved during the short and long programmes and encourage great excitement for the incredible things to come. The feedback from the programme was very positive and the participants are moving ahead with their relative projects, with the support of the network that they have integrated themselves into. The focus was on five sectors this year, namely Fintech, Bluetech, Agritech, Edutech and Healthtech. In the Fintech sector, Dutch start-up, Trefi came to determine if there was a South African market for her product, to which her South African partner, Lauren Davidse (Trade Circle) assured her there is and that she would assist in making the connections between the relevant corporates and Trefi. Furthermore, she added that the two weeks of the #cocreate2ACCELERATE programme got her a number of results that normally need six months of work. 

"Two weeks have gotten me to what normally takes six months"- Lauren Davidse


#cocreate2ACCELERATE proved successful for the Dutch environmental technology enterprise, RanMarine, too. The company builds drones which remove waste and non-biodegradable waste from water and by the end of the programme, two drones were purchased by the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. A greater achievement is the partnership that RanMarine signed with drone-building start-up, Aerobotics. The two technologies work well as Aerobotics’ flying drones provide the analytics to show how RanMarine’s swimming drones have cleaned up the water. 

Under the Edutech umbrella, Koen Strous brought his Virtual Learning Environment, LearnBeat, with much skepticism. It only took a workshop about his personalized learning and teaching program for children from the COSAT school, to reignite the flame and reassure him that there is definitely a market for his organization amongst the eager-to-learn South Africans. Strous shared:

“The future for LearnBeat in South Africa looks very promising and the programme was very valuable. The special thing of the programme was also that everybody was trying to sell you instead of stealing from you; everybody helped each other.”

Laetitia Monthe from MedX.care summed up her experience during her final presentation saying, “#cocreate2ACCELERATE made a difference for us because of the network and the quality of insight that came from the program. These were crucial for precisely identifying what was the entry point for us”. She landed a pilot with a South African partner and thanks to the programme she knows that she responded to the right person. You can read about her partnership here. Also in the HealTech sector was South African company RecoMed. Tasleem Williams of RecoMed said that he never saw a foreign government taking such a keen interest in foreign companies and in creating a Trade Mix at the startup level. 

"I wonder if any other country is doing this. The programme was really cool and it is very important for South Africans like me to get such support. I've been fascinated about the programme"- Tasleem Williams 

This kind of feedback encapsulated some of the essence of what #cocreate2ACCELERATE aimed to achieve and it seems that it has been a successful venture. In her closing speech, Dutch Consul General Bonnie Horbach expressed, “If you start a programme like this it should not end at the last day; it is just the beginning”. #cocreateSA is about building relationships and on focusing on long-term commitments and partnerships. It goes without saying that the interactions that took place at #cocreate2ACCELERATE will be prosperous and the outcomes thereof, phenomenal. We hope to hear more from our participants in the future. We'll keep you posted!

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