Dutch Government welcomes tech businesses to SA’s virtual shores

The Dutch government in South Africa will be welcoming more than thirty Dutch businesses virtually to the shores of South Africa during SANL Tech Week (22-25 June 2021)- a week of collaboration and knowledge sharing in the areas of fintech, healthtech, and smart logistics. 

The Netherlands is an innovative and entrepreneurial country. One of the contributing factors is the country’s success in creating a space where business, innovators and government can thrive together. Perhaps most importantly, at the heart of the Dutch approach is international collaboration and open, shared innovation. And during the week of 22 June 2021- Dutch businesses will be seeking exactly that-  collaboration in the areas of fintech, healthtech, and smart logistics.

Dutch Ambassador Han Peters believes that ““the Fourth Industrial Revolution is taking off in South Africa with artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies holding much potential in all spheres of the economy.” His ambition for SANL Tech week is to “build lasting partnerships to support this development.”

Sebastiaan Messerschmidt, the Dutch Consul General in Cape Town, confirmed that “the Dutch in South Africa are committed to working together with their  local counterparts to contribute to South Africa’s vision for new technologies and efficiencies.”

In recognition of South Africa’s AI and tech vision, the Netherlands has chosen three tech sectors for the debut of SANL Tech week, which it hopes to repeat in years to come:

The Dutch Life Science & Health sector is one of the best in the world with leading technology in fields such as health informatics; pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical engineering. At the heart of these successes is the Dutch commitment to open innovation and its keen willingness to share knowledge between industry, research and government. With the medical device and equipment sector being a priority for South Africa as well as providing inclusive healthcare, many opportunities exist for collaboration in this sector during SANL Tech week and beyond.

Consistently ranking in the top of the World Bank Logistics Performance Index, the Netherlands is a leading logistics hotspot in Europe. Home to the world’s most efficient seaports and the highest quality of air transport in the EU, the Netherlands’ logistics infrastructure provides unparalleled access to Europe. Likewise, the South African Logistics sector supports the second-largest economy on the continent and local and international companies use South Africa as a gateway for their operations into Africa. Such synergy in gateway offerings invites significant opportunity to co-create and innovate in this sector, which is a backbone to both economies.

The Netherlands is also emerging as the fintech capital of Europe, as a result of its attractive and innovative business climate. With South Africa being the financial heart of Africa and Africa being an exciting emerging fintech market, it just makes sense that Dutch and South African counterparts engage and collaborate on innovative fintech solutions and platforms.

It seems therefore that the stars are aligned for meaningful collaboration and partnership- building during #SANLTechWeek. The Dutch are ready to #cocreate, #innovate and build sustainable solutions, so if you are a South African business wanting to collaborate in these sectors, please sign up to the mission platform via this link: Virtual Tech Mission South Africa - For South African participants (b2match.io) or contact pre-ea@minbuza.nl and let’s get the conversation going.

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