Kick off #cocreateBEATS by #cocreateSANL and Cape Audio College

#cocreateSANL and the Cape Audio College proudly presents #cocreateBEATS. This partnership focuses on building the next generation of DJs and music industry specialists for the ever-expanding music industry in Cape Town and South Africa (SA).

#cocreateBEATS will give twenty youngsters the opportunity to develop their talent as DJs by providing them with scholarships for the Pioneer DJ Academy. The programme commenced with a competition in February 2017 and gave three aspiring DJs from Cape Audio College the opportunity to showcase their talent at the annual Ultra SA Braai. The braai is an occasion when Ultra’s Dutch headlining DJs meet and network with South Africa’s most talented. To play for some of their DJ-heroes was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these students.

-Develop the talents of the youngsters by teaching them skills which will give them a competitive advantage-

-These competences will empower them to generate their own income-

A large percentage of South African youth are still unemployed and with education playing such a vital role in the empowerment of young people, granting these twenty underprivileged students their course fees, empowers them with skills that they can use to generate income. Pursuing the career of their dreams will motivate the students and the skills will give them a competitive advantage when applying for jobs in the creative industry, which is growing faster than any other industry.

To apply for the #cocreateBEATS programme, the students are asked to write a motivational letter and should supply a character reference.

“By providing the scholarships to students we contribute to the growth of talent in Cape Town and the vibrant music industry of the Western Cape. We aim to provide opportunities for SA’s youth to be able to pursue their dreams in the music industry. That’s why we partnered with the most established audio training institute in SA,” says Dutch Consul General Bonnie Horbach.

-The programme also promotes the music industry of South Africa-

The Dutch have a clear impact on the economic significance of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) globally. The global music market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, especially “large-scale festivals and events” and “DJs and VJs”. Producers and agencies have benefited from the increased popularity of EDM during the past decade. Digital distribution, in particular- benefiting from social media activity- will have a positive effect on the total sales numbers. This lays a solid foundation for further international expansion and makes it an exciting time for the South African music industry, wherein Cape Town has the potential to be positioned as the Music Hub of the African continent. These scholarships therefore not only offer the students better chances of being employed but also help promote the creative industry and especially the music industry of South Africa and eventually the Netherlands. Music is the language of the youth and can, therefore, foster long-lasting relationships between South African and Dutch artists. These opportunities can be created to exchange knowledge and further talented artists in their careers.

-Music is the language of the youth, let them tell their story-

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