Launch of 2018 Bicycle Mayor aims to promote cycling for all

CAPE TOWN (19 December 2017) - The Netherlands Consulate General and the Pedal Power Association are thrilled to start the new year on an exciting note by announcing the launch of a Bicycle Mayor in the Cape Town area. The pilot project is based on a global initiative that aims to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities. The process of electing a suitable candidate will commence in early 2018 along with a finalised title that is most appropriate for the role.

“We are excited to work with Pedal Power Association as a continuation of the deliverables outlined at the 2016 Mobility Indaba. The Bicycle Mayor will play a pivotal role in listening and presenting the concerns and ideas around cycling in communities, with a key focus on underprivileged areas. Cycling has been perceived as exclusive and it is only through collaboration that we will be able to find inclusive sustainable solutions, ” said Bonnie Horbach, Netherlands Consul General.

The responsibilities of the successful candidate will include: raising awareness, representing communities, investigating the challenges and opportunities of cycling and extending cycle advocacy to the underprivileged.

“We look forward to the unfolding of this initiative and the potential that it has in bringing people together through cycling. This project allows us the opportunity to present cycling as an accessible mode of transport that is available to all,” said Robert Vogel, CEO of Pedal Power Association.

“Mobility is a key driver of inclusive economic growth, sustainable development, and societal transformation. We will only be able to find sustainable solutions to the current challenges by working together,” concluded Horbach.

The pilot project forms part of the Consulate’s longer-term mobility strategy through the #cocreateSA campaign.

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