NESO: Encouraging Dutch and South African students to co-create

Travelling abroad is rarely a disservice to one’s self; in fact, it is usually an enlightening experience, filled with learning moments and life-changing encounters. Expanding one’s horizons and opening up to new cultures and ethnicities; learning to communicate in more ways than just through language, the benefits are numerous.

Research has shown that the number of students studying out of their own countries are steadily increasing and that the advantages of their doing so impact their lives significantly. Employers appreciate the values and skills acquired by these students and find their ability to cross language and cultural barriers invaluable.

Nuffic’s Education Support Office encourages partnerships between the Netherlands and South Africa and therefore promotes reciprocal student mobility by creating study, research and internship opportunities. Programmes are created for NGOs, students, alumni, researchers, institutions, training providers collaborators and are established through education, research and training. These are mutually beneficial programmes for Dutch students and academics in South Africa and the South Africans in the Netherlands and allow the students to co-create solutions to the respective country’s challenges.

Not only do the students, academics and institutions build reliable networks, but they are also linked to the corporate world, opening doors to the labour markets.  Nuffic Neso Indonesia have established new capacity building programmes in vocational education, as well as scholarship programmes. They will also be involved in various programmes, projects and activities of mutual bilateral interest, such as water, health and gender.

NESO welcomes students to the Netherlands and encourages them to explore and share cultures and values, whilst establishing and building networks contributing to the cocreation of solutions.

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