Netherlands Embassy supports The Road to Nairobi 2016 to foster youth entrepreneurs in Africa and Europe

The Road to Nairobi

The Netherlands Embassy is proud to support the Road to Nairobi project, run by the Building bridges Foundation. The Road to Nairobi 2016 project will connect youth entrepreneurs and local change makers in eight African countries to foster youth employment. The Building Bridges team consists of African and European youth. Together they will visit youth entrepreneurs, meet with local youth organizations and talk to youngsters from all walks of life they meet on the road. The Road to Nairobi 2016 team will be in South Africa from 12 until 22 august, after that they will visit Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya.

In each visited country, a multi-­stakeholder event will be held to present real life case studies and to propose better policies to increase the youth employment rate. The entrepreneurs will also be introduced to bigger companies, who can use teh services or upscale the initiatives.

The final destination of The Road to Nairobi 2016 will be the 2nd High Level Meeting (HLM2) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) to be held in Nairobi, Kenya. The Global partnership was one of the new sustainable Development Goals, and the stories gathered by the team will serve as input for debate. The HLM2  will take place from 28 November to 1 December 2016.

Building Bridges

The Road to Nairobi project is organised by Building Bridges, a foundation started by the Dutch UN Youth Representative Jilt van Schayik. In 2015 Building Bridges cycled from Amsterdam to Cape Town with the aim to bring the voice of young people from all walks of life to the United Nations. A youth network covering three continents and twenty-­one countries was created and has been actively involved in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The project reached over 15 million people, was discussed in the UN Security Council and broadcasted on national TV in more than eight countries.

To follow the tour and read more about the entrepreneurs visit:

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