Parking for Department of Design

There are a number of options for parking during Department of Design events, or if you are just dropping by for a visit. Parking on the street is free, where it is allowed, but tends to be fully occupied during the day. Here are other options:

Free Street Parking

Just behind Gardens Commercial School, you can access this from Saint Johns Road (Saint Johns is part of the same street known as Hatfield or Plein Street on other sections).

If you are driving from Orange / Annandale St on to Hatfield St, look for Avenue St. on the left, just after a school field and before you pass the SA Jewish Museum. Drive into Avenue St. and take the first right, then find a space on the side of that street. Please don’t double park. If there is no space available, try one of the other options.

The Jewish Museum

The museum has a paid parking lot on the edge of a school field on Saint Johns Road. This is the closest paid parking lot, and also the cheapest, and we have asked them to set aside 40 parking bays for Department of Design.

If you are driving from Orange / Annandale St onto Hatfield St, look for a school sports field on the left, and find the entrance partway along the field (directly from Saint Johns Road), signed as SA Jewish Museum parking. When you arrive, tell the guard that you are with Department of Design, and if there is still space available he should let you in. Payment must be made at the Jewish Museum Gift Shop before exiting the lot. The rate is R5 per hour.

Parking Garages

Slightly farther away, but still within a 10 minute walking distance of Department of Design, are parking garages associated with two hotels. The first is at ’15 on Orange’, at the corner of Orange and Queen Victoria Streets, which charges R20 per hour. The second is at Townhouse Hotel, at the corner of Mostert and Corporation Streets (access from Corporation St) which charges R12 for the first hour, R20 for one to two hours, R30 for two to three hours, and so on.

updated parking map


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