Redesigning the urban experience

GTP tyger design lab  Voortrekker Rd

The promising Tyger Design Lab has been given the green light, thanks to a new partnership between the Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) and the Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Urban Development in Africa (DASUDA).

The Lab will launch as a design space with a focus on urban regeneration. It will be used as a think-tank for concepts and master plans, urban frameworks for major strategic land development sites, district and precinct regeneration plans. The focus of these ambitious projects will include transit malls, station redevelopments, open space systems and design guidelines for building and public space development, amongst others.

“Design is being seen as a tool to test, integrate and leverage the development programs in the Voortrekker Road Corridor and Bellville Central and to inspire and engage all possible partners in the regeneration task for the coming years,” says Lindsey Jones, COO of the GTP.

“We hope that this exciting partnership will take the themes and projects in the Regeneration Framework into its next phase. Jointly and collectively we can stimulate urban regeneration and facilitate local social and economic development.”

The GTP has been tasked with the regeneration of the Greater Tygerberg region, with an initial focus on the Voortrekker Road Corridor and Bellville Central Areas. Through their partnership with DASUDA, they will access specific knowledge and expertise from a network of Dutch and local partner companies.

It is the organisation’s first international collaboration and promises to involve an integrated, holistic and multidisciplinary approach to sustainable urban development and design.

“The Tyger Design Lab will be a place where we can plan, create, disseminate and oversee the implementation of innovative ideas, plans and projects in region,” says DASUDA’s Robert van Kats.

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