Solarswing: Designs for a better building


SolarSwing is a Dutch clean-tech start-up that provides transparent blinds that keep buildings cool and naturally lit. The blinds reflect all perpendicular sunlight, but transmit diffuse daylight. The Blinds follow the sun during the day, optimising thermal comfort and daylighting for buildings.

The design helps companies save on their energy bills and encourages a healthy climate inside. Ahead of their presentation at Department of Design, SolarSwing shares insight about the initiative.

How can SolarSwing contribute to the sustainability of buildings and decrease energy waste?

SolarSwing develops transparent blinds that cover heath and bright light, but allow a maximum amount of sunlight to shine through. This way there can be savings on HVAC systems and electrical lighting.

SolarSwing provides a method to make buildings more sustainable, this applies to both new and existing buildings. The energy waste of offices is mainly caused by the cooling of the building and the lighting. A trustable heath protection is therefore essential for the use of energy, as SolarSwing allows more daylight, a lot can be saved on the lighting of buildings.

How can the Netherlands learn from Challenges that South Africa faces?

We can be more creative when facing sustainability issues. As South Africa is still facing sustainability problems when it comes to property and development, we could learn from each other on how to implement new methods to improve.

What do you hope to accomplish in Department of Design?

SolarSwing is a start-up and therefore seeks to explore the South African market. Department of Design is the first test to find out what the potentials are in South Africa. Therefore, SolarSwing aims to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as building a network for future projects.

Learn more about SolarSwing’s innovative approach to sustainability at their event at Department of Design on 10 July.

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