Sustainable fashion and fair trade

Shake the World

Shake the World is a fashion initiative that started in 2010 with a fair trade orange beaded World Cup bracelet. Since then, Shake the World has built a collaboration with local partner Africa Ignite, empowering women and youth in Kwazulu Natal. We spoke to Shake the World about their initiative at Department of Design.

What is the Shake the World message?

Shake the World aims to inspire the world with colourful beaded bracelet that are proudly produced in South Africa by female crafters in Kwazulu Natal. By aiming to make fair trade more fashionable and fashion more fair trade, Shake the World hopes to positively make a change in South Africa and thereby open the international main stream and mass volume markets.

Shake the World is currently combining an international roll-out strategy with the setup of 10 rural craft and tourism centres in Kwazulu Natal, in order to create sustainable jobs and to promote entrepreneurship amongst women and youth.

How can the Netherlands learn from challenges that South Africa faces?

The Netherlands should learn how to have a positive and overarch feeling of positive believe in a better future for all. South Africa is a country in transformation to an emerging market with a growing economy currently offering better business opportunities than the saturated (and declining) markets in Europe. South Africa has the uniqueness and diversity of being the whole world in one country, facing challenges but also providing many opportunities. What the Netherlands can learn from South Africa is how to overcome the terrible past to unite and work together. In the spirit of Ubuntu, companies should take their Corporate Social Responsibility in society to contribute to socio-economic development.

What do you hope to accomplish in Department of Design?

We hope to find more South-African, Dutch and International public and private partners that share our believe to colour the world, so we can truly shake the world with our proudly South African products and create hundreds of sustainable jobs!

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